Arthur had been travelling solo in Southeast Asia for a few months in 2015. He'd come into contact with the location independent community there, and wanted to create a more permanent living solution.

Having a background in design and development meant he could create, a collection of coliving spaces for digital nomads. However, this evolved into something else. Arthur and Rebecca met at the start of 2016, and Nomad House started to host coworking retreats.

To this day, each experience is different. Whilst they go under the name of coworking retreats, each trip encompasses much more than that.

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Nomad House Cofounder
Rebecca is originally from the north of England, however, she's spent her most recent years between Sydney and London. She became a 'digital nomad' by accident in 2014 after taking on a remote writing role, but continued to work full time in publishing and advertising until the end of 2015. This was when she met Arthur after spending time in Asia, and joined Nomad House as a co-founder, building the retreats into what you see today.
Nomad House Cofounder
Arthur is originally from Paris, France. He was organizing weekend excursions and day trips for the company Interstude, whilst working part time on his own development projects. In January 2015, after 15 months in Montreal, he chose to travel through Southeast Asia (Thailand, Bali, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam if you're wondering) - this is where Nomad House started to bloom as an idea. After meeting Rebecca, the idea evolved into coworking retreats for like-minded people to connect around the world.
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