everyone starts somewhere

Are you in a 9-5, but you're looking for more flexibility?

You're ready to travel the world, but you're not a backpacker.

You're ready to get into remote work, but you're not sure where to start.

You're ready to break your routine and design a lifestyle that's more suited to you.

We get it. Here's how we can help.
Where to start?
We are a community who have chosen to work, travel and live together.
Advances in technology mean that we are now able to work anywhere.

At this point in time, it is difficult to do that without structure.

We provide an environment where you can be productive, network with like-minded people and seek inspiration, whilst travelling.

We've hosted trips to Berlin, Bali, Budapest, Mexico, Costa Rica and Portugal in the past 2 years. When you travel with Nomad House, we secure a fast Internet connection, comfortable living space and workspace for you. But we don't stop there.

During the trip, you'll be with a location independent group of people, each individual managing their own projects, jobs or businesses. We host workshops on different skill sets, how to find remote work and the tips and tricks for being productive once you're there.

This is where it starts.
Our Values
These are the fundamentals of our community.
Work Life Balance
Most adults will spend 30% of their life working. We believe in making sure that 30% is spent on work you love, and the remaining 70% should be spent enjoying life.
Slow Travel
When you take the time to have long conversations with the locals, seek experiences off the beaten path and travel at a more relaxed pace, you'll see a different side to each location.
Challenge Yourself
You're choosing to travel to a new corner of the world with a group of location independent creatives. This is the environment for learning about yourself and what makes you tick.
When do people join Nomad House?
I just quit my job in Switzerland. After that I spent a couple of weeks at home in Liechtenstein to realise I needed to get away.
Stephi Batliner
UX Designer & Student at Kingston University London
I was at home, in Manchester. I'd been experimenting with living and working from new places across Europe, up until I found Nomad House I was just doing it all on my own. It seemed like a great way to carry on what I was doing but meet some awesome people along the way.
Thomas Davis
Freelance Motion Designer
At home, in Toronto. I knew I wanted to travel, and I'm already involved with start-ups in Canada. This was a perfect way to combine the two.
Ahmad Kadhim
Co-founder at Milni
FAQ about our Trips
The most frequently asked questions about our trips, itineraries and whether or not you need to be working when you join.
Do I need to be employed remotely before joining?
Not yet. However, we encourage everyone to work on their own projects within the house, whether that's finding remote work, working with a freelance client, or continuing with your full time role from home.
What kind of people can I expect to meet?
All kinds of people. Freelancers, people working full time, people from everywhere from Greece, to Oregon, to Brazil and Russia, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, writers and more. Our trips attract open-minded and creative individuals of all ages from all over the world.
What does the Alumni look like?
There are currently more than 50 people who have attended Nomad Houses. They have all said they'd happily come back, and many already have. These people live around the world, some of them are still travelling together.
What's the accommodation like?
It varies from place to place, but you will always have fast Wifi, a comfortable bed, A/C, unlimited coffee, a shared social space and a shared workspace.
Do you have any questions about the trips, the locations or how it works? Get more information now.
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