You are location independent, but you're not enjoying it as much as you could be.

You find it easy to rent an AirBnB and attend meet-ups, but you're not clicking with the right people.

You tried hostels, but it's not the right atmosphere.

You're travelling, but the experiences aren't entirely meaningful.

You miss out on the shared experiences from home. You can live and work anywhere, but it's usually the people that make the trip.

You might be on the edge of heading home, perhaps it's easier.

We get it. We've been there.
Break Your Routine
We are a community of location independent people, choosing to live, work and travel together.
Spend 15 days or a month exploring a new location, working hard (anywhere) and connecting to a community built on shared values.

In 2016, Nomad House travelled to Indonesia, Hungary, Portugal and Mexico. 50 guests, 20,000 private messages, 4 start-ups, 1 relationship, several surf lessons and a couple of nights out later, we're extending the family. We'd like you to join us.

In 2017, we'll be hosting more trips, travelling to more countries and meeting many more of you.

We provide an environment that's conducive to a productive work space, making meaningful connections and truly exploring a new location.
Our Values
This is what Nomad House believes in.
Travel Together
Go alone, and you'll go fast. Go together, and you'll go far. Test out the workshops, classes or festivals you might not try alone - Nomad House is with you.
Work Life Balance
Sustaining this lifestyle, growing your business and advancing your portfolio is important, especially as we spend 30% of our adult life working. Let's enjoy the journey.
Meaningful Impact
The location independent lifestyle can be, at times, an indulgent way to live. We are aware of our social and physical environmental impact, and we're always making steps to improve the places we travel to.
We are a community of people who love to spend time with those who inspire us, work hard, and explore every corner of the world. Get more information now.
Who is part of Nomad House?
Yoshi Yoshitani
Illustrator, Concept Artist, Designer
San Francisco
Rick Chatas
Production Designer, AirBnB
San Diego
Christian Campbell
CEO ProfitFox

Rama Louis
Project Manager, Intact
New York
Brian Schulman
Games Engineer, Facebook
San Francisco
Mike Rivera
Cofounder & CTO, My Pet Defense
John Kary
Freelance Developer
Max Bauman
Developer, Funny or Die
Julia Carter
Business Development Manager, Crafted Travel
Oz Huner
Teacher & Freelance Developer
FAQ about our Trips
The most frequently asked questions about our itineraries, accommodation and community.
What is the working week like?
We do stick to a 'Monday to Friday' working week, so that social activities are planned around working hours for those who are full time. If you work on a different timezone, that's not a problem. We factor this in when you apply to the program. However, we will sometimes take advantage of a long weekend here and there. We'll let you know of any activities that may effect your schedule at the beginning of the trip.
What's the accommodation look like?
Shared and private rooms are available. There's unlimited coffee, a workspace, and a shared social space. We use a variety of accommodation, from surf lodges to city centre apartments.
Who will I share an apartment or room with?
If you would like to request to share a room or apartment with someone, add it to your application. We'll usually curate apartments based on shared interests.
Does everyone on the trip work?
90% of the community will be working, and the rest of the community are usually working on creative or personal projects. It's not a vacation, it's a new way to work, live and travel.
Do people make repeat bookings?
Yes, we've had several people join us for multiple trips. If you're interested in joining more than one, let us know.
We are a community of people who love to spend time with those who inspire us, work hard, and explore every corner of the world. Get more information now.
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