Transparency is one of our core values. When you click 'Apply Now' to one of our trips, we know you're putting your trust in Nomad House. This is why we're clear about our pricing, and the value each trip provides.

Each 30 day trip costs around $2000, and each 15 day trip costs around $1000 . We will endeavour to keep this lower, depending on the location. For example, a trip in Barcelona will usually cost more than one in Bali.

70% of that cost is usually going straight to the accommodation fee for each location.

30% of that will be going to Nomad House. It goes on the extras during the trip, maintenance of company tools and supports those running it.

We're not here to make a million. We're here to create a community.

Pricing FAQ
Your most frequently asked questions about pricing.
What's included in the price?
You'll have either a shared or private room, access to a fast Internet connection, snacks in house, workshops, a weekly schedule of activities and trip leaders to help out where needed.
After the Trip, you'll be part of the Nomad House Alumni. Read more about the Alumni on our Medium.
What's the difference between me renting an AirBnB and attending meet-ups, and attending a Trip?
Different strokes for different folks. However, we have found (both Nomad House founders and the community), that there is an entirely different vibe when on a Trip. This is a different experience. Those on the Retreat will make the most of their time in Nomad House, the location and the people that surround them. It's not an 'everyday' feeling - it's tribal.

The AirBnB and meet-ups solution might suit those who are content with their current lifestyle. We're striving for more.
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