Not just a vacation.
Join a Trip, join a family.
Meet people creating intentional changes, personally and professionally.
Spend 30 days focused, in an epic location.
Workshops and schedules are provided to optimise productivity.
Upgrade your downtime.
Sail into the sunset, stay up all night or go offline for the weekend.
Use your time, to have the best time.
Connect, collaborate, create.
No fluff.
Get stuff done in an environment where you can get real advice, from real people.
A mix of experts join every Trip: makers, growth hackers, artists. Take a look.
Use the month to work hard, play harder.
Spend nights in the workspace on your doorstep and use the weekends to make the most of your location.
You'll have Trip leaders to help you get the best from your destination.
Doing it at home? Do it abroad.
Sat in front of your laptop making an early business model? Try doing it from a villa in Croatia, your townhouse in Lisbon or a beach in Bali.
With creative people and inspiring places, you'll be pretty keen to leave the office at 5pm.
What's included?
Everything you need to get focused and enjoy the destination.
The Place
High-quality private or shared accommodation with a fast Wifi connection.
The People
Curated Trips of makers, freelancers and remote workers, building their projects to fuel their lifestyle.
The Plan
An itinerary of opt-in events for making the most of time spent online and offline, whether you're working or not.
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