June 2017
Connect with the local creatives during Sonar+D's networking festival, meander between Gaudi's finest architecture and feast on Catalan cooking with Nomad House this summer.
Live, Work and Create
You'll be staying in your own apartment with 3-4 creative individuals. Kitchens, fast Wifi and social spaces are all included.
Access to Cloud Coworking is included in the price. Enjoy long, productive work days in this beautiful office space, and spend your evenings brainstorming on the terrace.
Travel, Learn and Explore
We attract a variety of remote workers. From part time editors to full time project managers and first time entrepreneurs, our community is creative and focused.
We use workshops to create or innovate with new ideas. Whether it's a session on personal branding, development 101's or using social media for new leads, we love taking on new skills.
After work, we use our time to explore and adventure. Take a day trip to Dali's theatre, go wild swimming on the Costa Brava or check out Sonar - it's festival season in Barcelona.
What's included?
You'll be living in shared apartments in the centre of Barcelona, just a few minutes away from Sagrada Familia.
Use group discounts on weekends exploring Spain, there will be an additional fee for some activities.
Coworking Space
Access to Cloud Coworking is included in the price.
Workshops, peer-to-peer skillswaps and focus sessions throughout the trip.
Water and Snacks
We'll provide water and snacks at home to keep you fuelled.
City Guides
From landing to leaving, we've got your questions covered - you're in safe hands.
Dates and Prices
Stay in the house for 15 days, or one month.
15 Day Trip - Shared Room
1st June - 15th / 16th June - 30th
15 Day Trip - Private Room
1st June - 15th / 16th June - 30th
30 Day Trip - Shared Room
1st June - 30th
30 Day Trip - Private Room
1st June - 30th
Do I need a job to attend? We do ask all guests attend the Trip with a project, goal or job in mind.
Can you help me find a remote job? Definitely. We have a number of resources for helping you find your calling.
What's the itinerary like? Monday to Friday are generally focus days to allow for conference calls and meetings. However, we'll occasionally use our flexible schedules for days at the beach or walking tours.
Whilst not included in the price, it's worth checking out Sonar+D's tech and music events during June too.
Do you include flights? We do not include flights. However, we recommend you check out our flight hacks for finding cheap flights to Barcelona.
Who leads the Trips? Arthur and Rebecca are the cofounders of Nomad House, and they'll be leading your Trip. Here's a brief introduction.
Are there other Trips? Yes. We've previously hosted them in Costa Rica, Bali and Mexico (see the full list here), and we'll be hosting more this summer.
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