Accommodation for Remote Workers

They’re apartments, mansions, houses, villas for remote workers - it depends on the country. We’ve stayed at coliving surf lodges in Costa Rica, a loft-style apartment complex in Bali and modern houses right next to the Sagrada Familia before now. 

All houses are perfectly equipped for working remotely.

We aim for all houses to be within walking distance of a supermarket and cafe, so you can come and go as you please. We help to arrange transport options if this will not be available. 


Shared Rooms

In shared rooms, you’ll usually be sharing your room with one other person, and in most houses you have your own bathroom. 

Private Rooms

Private rooms are usually located in the same space as other rooms (for example, an apartment), and will share both bathroom and kitchen facilities with other rooms.

Dorm Rooms

Dorm rooms will be split between 4-6 adults, and there will be a minimum of one bathroom split between the group.