Make sure it's a right fit for you with our FAQ


What kind of people are joining Nomad House?

In NH there are no restrictions on age, profession, gender, or nationality. We are always amazed to see how global and diverse our Nomad House family is.

Everyone who’s joining us has a different background, but we all want to surround ourselves with creative minds and perfect our work/life balance.

We see an age range from 20-55 years old with an average of 31. we've seen every profession from entrepreneurs, designers, developers, photographers, bloggers, filmmakers, marketers, writers and project managers.

To summarize, you're bound to connect with someone like you who shares the same values.


How many people are usually on a trip?

After testing out the dynamics on several trips, we think 15-20 is the best number. This way you're not getting lost in the crowd and it's not so small that you can't find someone to go on an adventure with.


Can I do multiple trips?

Yes, you do and we would love to. Keep in mind, trips are closing 1.5 months before the start date.


Is there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees, what you see on the trip page is what you pay.