How it works

The Story

Nomad House is built by location independent people.
If you’re feeling lost, you don’t have the right connections in the digital landscape, and you’re in a phase where you’re in need of change, you’re at the starting point of your own Nomad House story.

The Concept

When location independent, you need two things.
A reliable work environment, and a group of like-minded people to connect with and explore this new place with you.

We create 10 day experiences where you can find inspiration, productivity and new friendships. We’ll give you clear information, and the retreat is organized for you.
Each detail is tailored to the individuals attending.

The People

- Irina. She’s originally from Russia. She’s a VA, but makes a mean honey cake.
- Oz. Happens to be a developer, and an ex-amateur boxer.
- Gene. Crazy Ukrainian break dancer. And in his downtime, a full stack dev.
- Tom. A dashing Englishman who designs motion graphics on a freelance basis.

These are just a few members of our community. Each individual brings a unique perspective and adds value to our story.
The people make the place.