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Arthur & Rebecca



Arthur Itey is originally from Paris, France. He started travelling when he moved to Montreal, and that’s when the bug bit him. He was organising weekend excursions and day trips for the company Interstude, whilst working part time on his own development projects. In January 2015, after 15 months in Montreal, he chose to travel through Southeast Asia (Thailand, Bali, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam if you’re wondering) - this is where Nomad House started to bloom as an idea. He’d always wanted a coliving company as his first startup, as he’d always lived and worked solo when travelling. After working with agencies employing remote freelancers, he knew it was time to build on the idea. This marked the beginning of his ‘digital nomad’ life, as he hopped between coworking spaces in Asia, learning from the community and building the roots of Nomad House.

Since then, he’s been living between France and New York working on a number of different projects.



Rebecca is originally from the north of England, however, she’s spent her most recent years between Sydney and London. She studied abroad in Australia and learnt that she was more than happy to live out of a suitcase if it meant travelling to Fiji and Bali whilst working. She became a ‘digital nomad’ by accident in 2014 after taking on a remote writing role, but continued to work full time in publishing and advertising until the end of 2015. This was when she met Arthur after spending time in Asia, and joined Nomad House as a co-founder, building the retreats into what you see today.

She’s spent summer in Europe after being down south for so long, and continues to work on a freelance basis.

Meet Us

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