What's the schedule like?

Each Trip is different, but there are some typical events you can find in each Nomad House outside of working remotely.

From Monday to Friday, we settle down into the coworking spaces, cafes or at home desks where we’re living to work on individual projects. After work, we’ll bond over masterminds, workshops, or a few drinks on the beach. 



In many of our houses, the groups like to get active when not at a desk, or exploring. We’ve previously attended MMA classes, Bikram yoga, rock climbing, surfing, SUP and hiked in some epic locations. 

Calligraphy Mastermind


Examples of our workshops include: 

  • A Guide to Cryptocurrency

  • Calligraphy 101

  • The art of Investor Relations

  • How to use Lightroom for travel photos



Most guests are here to explore the city, island or country we're visiting. Make the most of it with big weekend trips, cooking classes or just getting lost on occasion.