Who joins us?

Our Trips attract people in a state of transition and discovery, regardless of age, profession or gender.

But, if you're curious...our houses are full of designers, project managers, developers, writers, photographers, bloggers, startup founders, you name it. There’s an even split between men and women, and age varies between 23 to 55. 


Ashmi Pathela

‘I feel lucky to have found Nomad House so early on in my remote career. It helped set a high bar for the types of communities and environments I want to find as I work and live abroad.’


Tim McAttee

‘Nomad House changed the way I think about travel. These trips are as much about who you meet as they are about where you're going. I loved conversations where everyone involved was from a different country, and yet we all somehow forgot that fact. You realize that travel is not some exotic or intimidating thing, it's just people and distance and learning how to be better at navigating both.’

Brooke Hurford

Brooke Hurford

'It gave me the confidence that I can do this. That I can make this lifestyle work and not feel bad or guilty, or that I’m just off galavanting without being productive. I loved being in a group that kept me inspired to continue working everyday.'