Learn from the ones who've done it


“I wanted to discover an amazing country while working, but what I also found is amazing people to share laughs, adventures, fun, work, knowledges and a lot of inspiration.” – Virginia from Spain


“I have travelled with several different groups and have found that they are either 1) too structured (strict schedule for every day) or 2) people treat it as a vacation. Nomad House is the perfect combination of having fun, seeing amazing places and getting work done. Which is perfect for someone like me who is passionate about getting things done but also enjoys taking time off from work to go explore. The best thing is that they take care of everything for you (e.g. transport, SIM-card, coworking space), so all you need to do is to show up! I highly recommend Nomad House for entrepreneurs interested in travelling while also being productive!” – Sampsa from Finland


Even if you are not remote working (yet), use this great organised trip to set up new projects, learn new skills and meet the most interesting people!” – Tessa from Netherlands


“I was a bit reluctant to come on Nomad House as I have just been working a normal job all my life. But decided to take a risk and I am glad I did! Not only have I been inspired to travel more, I met some awesome people who I will remain in contact with, I learned a hell of a lot about myself and I got. Whole heap of work done! I would highly recommend Nomad House to anybody! Arthur is alright too but he can’t speak very Gold Australia.” – Josh from Australia


“During my time at Nomad House, I learned a lot, had so much fun and got a ton of work done, all with amazing people that share the same lifestyle and mindset.” – Dirk from Germany


“Nomad house is the perfect balance between a structure working retreat for business, and an environment to meet awesome people who are doing the same thing as you. Everyone works but everyone has fun too, and there's always someone to help you with an issue with your business, or head out for lunch in a cool new location. A month of hard work, endless fun and laughter, plus new friends for life. – Rob from England