We believe in a world where people of similar values and lifestyles can connect. We bring together people with similar values and life priorities. There’s no strict demographic — your age and background don’t matter. We’ve hosted a wide spectrum of men and women from around the world, from 55 years old to 20 years old.

But, the majority of people who apply tend to have similar interests, values, and drives. We attract a specific niche of people who want to branch out of their social circles to find others who are pursuing a similar lifestyle.

Changing your surroundings helps free you to new possibilities.


Max Baumann
Developer - USA

Brooke Hurford
Designer - USA

Mike Rivera
Founder - USA


Louis Jay Kay
Marketer - USA

Heather Keenan
Developer - Ireland

Project Manager - USA


Yoshi Yoshitani
Illustrator - USA


Tim McAtee
Writer - USA


John Kary
Reader - USA

Founder - Belgium