Ubud - Bali

The one where we did a lot of yoga, meditation, and surfed (or tried to). This is one of the hottest spots for digital nomads right now, and our loft-style villa in Ubud provided the perfect basecamp for exploring Bali's coworking scene, surf spots, and local restaurants.


Dates: 8th April 2016 - 18th April 2016
Who attended?
2 French, 2 American, an English, a Russian, a Thai, an Ukrainian
Where do we stayed?
Loft, Ubud


Why Bali?

We chose Bali for a number of reasons: the amazing coworking community, the beauty of the island itself, and the great food all made it a perfect spot for a coworking retreat.

We chose to stay in a loft-style villa outside of Ubud. This beautifully designed space is thanks to Meghan: our resident local in Bali. Her great connections to the local community meant we had amazing food in house, great trips planned and the whole retreat was a breeze.

The food… where do we start?! There's no better way to wake up than to slowly emerge, taking a dip in the pool, meditating or working out, then to return to a big family breakfast at the kitchen table.

Kadek, our in-house chef, piled fruit platters high with dragonfruit, lychees and melon, delicately put together feta and sun-dried tomato omelettes, and there was even bacon at one point… and those were just the breakfasts.

When dinner rolled around we were usually slightly-sun dazed, occasionally dehydrated, and always hungry. We tucked into Nasi Goreng, slow cooked chicken, mountains of fresh salad and raw, vegan desserts every evening. Irina even baked us a traditional Russian cake one day (the perks of having a fully equipped kitchen!).

We needed the energy though: especially when we decided to rent scooters, play in waterfalls, visit temples, try surfing in Canggu and climb a volcano in the space of 3 days. The mood just took us, so we rolled with it. Climbing Mt Batur was a huge highlight for all of the group, and sharing breakfast with monkeys at the top certainly put a cherry on the cake.

This is not to say we didn't get a lot done though. In Bali, we had designers, developers, music studio managers, social media marketers, SEO specialists and virtual assistants all under one roof.