Cascais - Portugal

The one where we refocused and re-energized for the New Year. We were totally pampered in Lisbon, living in a villa in the hills of Cascais, our in-house chef feeding us till we could eat no more, and hiking around Portugal's picture perfect coastline.


Dates: 7th January 2016 - 17 January 2016
Who attended?
2 Brazilian, 2 Romanian, an American, a French, a Canadian
Where do we stayed?
Villa, Cascais


Why Cascais?

This was the second retreat Nomad House had ever held, and we chose to take it to the Portuguese coast in Cascais. This town is 30 minutes from Lisbon, a European hotbed for digital activity and a capital that is constantly compared to San Francisco.

We visited early in the year, so there was still a nip in the air. This made it perfect for hiking Cabo da Roca, the wild and rugged headland that crowns Cascais. On waking each morning we'd start with a workout outside the villa, or meditation in a quiet space. It was ideal for refocusing and touching base with personal goals.

We ventured into Lisbon to find coworking spaces and cafes to change up the scenery, and get in touch with the community on the ground there. Lisbon's got a cool and creative spirit that we're sure we'll meet again.