Playa Bejuco - 
Costa Rica

The one where we had bonfires every night, potluck barbecues and created 'Shot, Show & Tell'.


Dates: 20th January 2017 - 30th January 2017
Who attended?
8 American, a Mexican, a French, an English, a Canadian, a Japanese
Where did we stay?, Playa Bejuco


Why Playa Bejuco?

We hosted a digital nomad retreat on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, near Playa Hermosa. The surf, sea and sand was perfect. Our Argentinian surf teacher came down to help us perfect our stance, and most guests got to know the shape of a riptide pretty well. It wasn't all beach time though.

For this Retreat, we partnered with Outsite . It meant we had a beautiful workspace and fast Wifi right on the beach. One guest was writing a novel, another has plans to get more of Mexico online and we even had an essential oils class. We had a really ambitious group of people joining us, which meant as a company, Nomad House flourished too.

We all had our own little lodge (each with a fast Internet connection), so we could host group breakfasts, dinners, and after-work drinks. Sometimes we mixed work and pleasure: Shot, Show and Tell was our way of getting everyone warmed up and ready to talk about their side projects - the ones we rarely hear about. It was the perfect setting for a work-focused beach break. World class surf, magical National Parks and pura vida - the good life. Wake up to the birds on the beach, spend afternoons in our private coworking space and jump onto an ATV for wild adventures at the weekend.

If you're always the one wanting to push the boundaries, leave the traditional work-life concepts and find people who are in the same situation, this is the place to do it.