Split - 

The one where we travelled to Bosnia & Herzegovina in a day, perfected sunset photography and lived on the beach.


Dates: 6th August 2017 - 6th September 2017
Who attended?
7 Americans, a Danish, a French, an English, a Mexican, an Ukrainian.
Where did we stay?
Split, Croatia


Why Croatia?

With a 1,700km coastline of beaches, ruins and waves, Croatia is the perfect place to spend the summer. This is where we chose to end the Nomad House summer of 2017. 

We stayed 30 minutes outside of Split, the central city on Croatia's Dalmatian coast and a bus ride away from the country's main attractions. 

During the week, we settled into Amosfera Coworking space in Split, working on project management, development and digital marketing projects. The beach was a 10 minute walk away, which was the best way to spend the lunch hour. 

Outside of work, we enjoyed masterminds on Lightroom, remote working and problem-solution discussions for each of our personal projects - whether it's based on focus, or on branding. 

During the weekends, we spread our wings to see Hvar, Bol, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Dubrovnik and Zadar. Not to mention the trips to Krka and Plitvice National Parks.

If you're always the one wanting to push the boundaries, leave the traditional work-life concepts and find people who are in the same situation, this is the place to do it.