Address: Cesta Mutogras 47, 21312, Podstrana
Arrival Time: Check-in at 3pm
Contact: Rebecca / +447575662999
Arthur / +33754065217
The accommodation is just outside of Split. This city is in the middle of the Dalmatian coast, making it the perfect base point for trips around Croatia. The city has plenty of bars, restaurants and places to work.
You'll be staying in your own apartment with 3-4 creative individuals.
Kitchens, fast Wifi and social spaces are all included.
Weekend Trips
Weekend #1: Split

Weekend #2: Hvar

Weekend #3: Plitvice Lakes

Weekend #4: Dubrovnik

More details to be shared in the Facebook Group.

How many people are going?
We're aiming to have around 15 people on the Trip.

Where is the house?
Just outside of Split, Croatia.

When will I meet other guests?
We add everyone into a Facebook group once applications have been confirmed.

Will I need a Visa to enter Croatia?
Most passports will not require a visa, and Croatia is not a Schengen State.

Will I need any vaccinations?
No vaccinations are required for Croatia.

Can I use my credit card?
Yes, there are plenty of ATMs in Split. We'd strongly recommend getting a travel friendly credit card prior to departing for Nomad House.

What else do I need to do before the Trip?
Completing payment and joining the Facebook Group are the last 2 items on your checklist.
What's included?
You'll be living in shared apartments in Intendente in the centre of Lisbon. There are squares, cafés and restaurants within walking distance.
Use group discounts on weekends exploring Portugal, there will be an additional fee for some activities.
Coworking Space
Access to a creative workspace is included in the price.
Workshops, peer-to-peer skillswaps and focus sessions throughout the trip.
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