Lisbon - 

The one where we returned to one of our first locations for a month for Portuguese food, adventures and some serious photography missions. We went to the centre of the Atlantic, the Azores islands, to wine country in Porto and worked with a coworking space in the Algarve for a weekend of networking in the sun.


Dates: 2nd July 2017 - 31st July 2017
Who attended?
7 American, 2 Liechtensteiner, 2 Chinese, 2 French, 2 English, an Israeli, a Norwegian, a Canadian, a Dutch, a Romanian
Where do we stayed?
Intendente, Lisbon


Why Lisbon?

Lisbon is one of the best places to live and work remotely. You can still buy a coffee for less than $1, the internet connection is outstanding and there's a strong network of nomads already on the ground. 

We chose to stay in Intendente for this Nomad House. With only a 15 minute walk between the house and the centre of Bairro Alto, it was the perfect place to be. Our team of 17 lived in Intendente, enjoying coffees on the square every day and making their way down to our coworking space, Canopy, when they needed to focus. 

Our masterminds and workshops took place in the lounges and outdoor area in our house. We discussed cryptocurrency, travel hacks, investor relations, lucid dreaming, discovering your inner child and a touch of drone photography. 

On the weekends, we made the most of Lisbon's excellent airport. The team flew to the Azores and Porto during the trip, as well as squeezing in road trips to Seville and the Algarve. Nomad House connected with Coworksurf to host a weekend away on the south coast, full of beaches, drinks and conversation.

We left both rested and inspired: this place remains to be one of the most well suited to Nomad House.