June 2017
The one where we stayed next to Sagrada Familia, walking past one of Gaudi's finest works every day en route to the coworking space. Weekends were spent in the house of Dali, taking photos on the Costa Brava and sinking into countless dishes of paella.
Sagrada Familia
Why work remotely in Barcelona?
Barcelona has an artistic history, which has encouraged following generations to be creative, courageous and innovative. It's the type of place you'd find someone who stayed in Nomad House.
We chose to work with Canopy Coworking for the trip, as their beautiful terrace was the perfect place to get work done in Barcelona. Their talks after hours and weekly drinks made sure we truly sunk our teeth into the start-up scene.
Said scene encouraged a number of developments over the month, one guest quit their full time job during the month to work harder on his start-up, My Pet Defense, and another start-up was launched the week after: Officient. During the month, our cofounder got to document our time there practicing her drone skills too.
Evenings consisted of Masterminds, Shot, Shot & Tell, and walks around Barcelona's seafront. During the weekend, we explored the Costa Brava, a beautiful piece of the Spanish coastline best travelled by car with a close group of friends - which is what the group had become during the Trip.
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