Hoi An - Vietnam

Spend 30 days living and working in Hoi An with Nomad House. Connect with like-minded people, collaborate on new ideas and create something incredible from this epic location.


Dates: February 6th to March 4th 2018
What's included?
Accommodation, breakfast, sim card, scooter, and airport transfers
What's the prices?
Shared Room $1300 / Private Room $2100


House & Coworking

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Ease into Hoi An, a 15th century port town in Vietnam. The quaint buildings and and old streets of this city now host coworking spaces and cafes, ideal for anyone wanting to travel to Vietnam whilst working remotely at the same time. 

We’ll be providing you with a villa, fast Wifi, A/C, a coworking space, breakfast, scooters and a SIM card. 

Collaborate with other creatives, maintain your work schedule and explore Vietnam this year. 



If you're curious about what we're doing during the week, you can find out more information here.


Weekend #1: Hoi An
Spend time being charmed by Hoi An, getting to know the rest of the house and getting your first taste of real Vietnamese street food. We’ll also throw a welcome event for the house. 

Weekend #2: Da Nang
The Marble Mountains, long beaches and indie shops of Da Nang make the perfect weekend getaway, especially after your first 2 weeks in the city. 

Weekend #3: Hai Van
The Hai Van Pass is one of the most picturesque, yet dangerous roads in the world. Explore it on a motorbike, or take the leisurely route cycling through the rice fields and visiting local farms.

Weekend #4: Cham Islands
Take a day cruise to the Cham Islands, Hoi An’s turquoise and tranquil neighbours. This is will be your last weekend with the house, so it's a time to slow down and reflect.


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