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Julia Carter
Commercial Director, Craft Travel, Budapest 2016
It was my first coliving moment. NH is great as a way to get to places I might not otherwise visit, and meet up with old friends or new people. You finally have a group of people who are like-minded and doing something similar to you - people that understand you. Maybe more than friends and family back home.
Dimitris Zakas
Systems Management, Greece, Budapest 2016
You only have 2 needs in a retreat like this. A steady environment that allows you to focus on your day job, and a fun environment for after your work. Arthur and Rebecca are the Ying and Yang for that. They offer a retreat that you will be productive and have tons of fun at the same time.
Sergio Variu
Freelance Developer, Lisbon 2016
It's a great experience to get focused, inspired, productive by sharing ideas with other entrepreneurs, learning what others do and being in an environment that provides that.
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