The ultimate way to get things done and enjoy your life

Nomad House is perfect to kickstart your digital nomad journey, start a new project, get more clients, build your brand, create content and meet creative individuals.


How it works?


Follow a step-by-step program to nail your first product launch online. Imagine 30 days to learn early marketing, idea validation and how to build a non-technical MVP. You won't be by yourself at home, you will be in a dream location with 16 other participants from all over the world.

This adventure is not the right fit for you if:

  • you're looking to be rich in 30 days with quick schemes
  • you're looking to be fully guided and expect results without doing the hard work
  • you think starting a business or traveling the world is easy.

🚀 A practical program to start your business online — even if you’ve never done it before

Get access to a step by step program which covers every aspect of launching an idea online. Attending to our program is optional, so you can choose which workshop you're attending to.

👫 Meet friendly entrepreneurs — and potential business partners for life

Get support from like-minded people to share ideas, feedback or a glass of wine.

🙌 A stress-free experience

Save time with planning, because we take care of accommodation, co-working, airport pick-up and breakfast. You only take care of showing up.

🙏 Find the right mindset to grow personally

Get inspired by immersing yourself in new cultures. As the famous adage says: "travel broadens the mind".

✈️ Dream lifestyle included

Live the dream life with sun and sea every day of the year. Close your eyes and imagine blue water, white sand and fresh juice. Tempting, right?

I’ve started my own company in part as a result of my time at Nomad House.
— Rick from NH Budapest