Get to know us

Transparency, creativity, community is what matters for us

The Vision

We believe in a world where people should take more risks. Risks could be launching an idea, experience a new lifestyle or finding your tribe. They’re not easy to start by ourselves, alone, without guidance.

That’s why we’ve created Nomad House. We think people with similar dreams should get together to work on their projects.

For us, every project led by passion and faith deserves to see the light.

We think our experience is all about increasing the number of social opportunities on a day-to-day basis. Going on a trip together increases those opportunities, whether it’s through organized workshops or sharing doner kebabs at 1 am. It breaks down boundaries and makes it easier to connect on so many levels, personally and professionally.

Once you find your tribe, you become superhuman.

The Concept

Have you already launched a couple of ideas but you feel unmotivated to begin a new one? You've tried

Have you ever wanted to launch a project but you have no clue where to start? Who can you trust? What advice should you follow? Or how to structure your day?

You can take online courses, read articles, watch youtube videos or listen to podcasts. You end up overwhelmed and stuck in consuming content instead of doing things.

We’ve been there and done that for you.

We believe the perfect combo to launch your idea is people + program + environment.

Imagine being around high-skilled individuals that keep you accountable, help you with their expertise and motivate you when things are getting hard. Imagine having a practical step-by-step program where you have the best content to move the needles. Imagine doing all the things above in a paradise location like Bali, Costa Rica, Mexico or by the sea.

We create energizing and inspiring work environment to launch your idea in 30 days.

The Team

Sofia Grandjean


After working for Wrigley, Red Bull and a year as a freelance start-up, Sofia joined Nomad House to help with the brand, connect with all of you, and organize events around the world.

Sofia also started

She loves ponies (for real she has done competition and everything), chocolate, fitness, partying and dwarf spitz!

Arthur Itey


Arthur is a maker from France. He started Nomad House in 2015 to gather like-minded people in gorgeous villa to work and play.

Arthur also started,,

He loves hockey, creating stuff, driving a bike in Bali and samoyed.