We think outside the box


A community of adventurers, entrepreneurs and creatives who are traveling to new destinations each month.


Our Concept

Spend 30 days launching a side project, learning how to freelance full time or pushing your start-up to the next level with a community of ambitious, creative people... in a beautiful place.


They love Nomad House


"It was my first coliving moment. NH is great as a way to get to places I might not otherwise visit, and meet up with old friends or new people. You finally have a group of people who are like-minded and doing something similar to you - people that understand you. Maybe more than friends and family back home."


"I was travelling and working before I joined on this trip, but am now convinced this is really something I love doing. I've met very interesting people who maintained a very envious work/life balance and I feel inspired to see how well I'll do myself."


"Nomad House changed the way I think about travel. These trips are as much about who you meet as they are about where you're going. Taking a selfie of yourself in front of some landmark doesn't exactly feed the soul, but comparing the reactions of people from different cultures can teach you a lot. I loved conversations where everyone involved was from a different country, and yet we all somehow forgot that fact. You realize that travel is not some exotic or intimidating thing, it's just people and distance and learning how to be better at navigating both."


"Nomad House confirmed my idea that remote working is something that makes me happy in life and suits me well."
- Sophie


"You only have 2 needs in a retreat like this. A steady environment that allows you to focus on your day job, and a fun environment for after your work. Arthur and Rebecca are the Ying and Yang for that. They offer a retreat that you will be productive and have tons of fun at the same time."


"I feel lucky to have found Nomad House so early on in my remote career. It helped set a high bar for the types of communities and environments I want to find as I work and live abroad."
- Ashmi